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Portrait and Fashion



Studio photography portrait of male model twins Cordre and Cordreq Mitchell
Studio photography portrait of female model, wearing a blue faux fur coat and silver faux leather pants
Natural light photography portrait of blonde female model
Natural light portrait of shirtless Italian male model
Studio portrait of Film Director and Actor Hugo Diego Garcia, wearing a white turtleneck and houndstooth blazer
Studio photography fashion portrait of male model standing in front of pink background, wearing a cheetah print sweater
Natural light beauty portrait of black female model
Studio photography portrait of male model Christopher Hopkins, shirtless, wearing ripped jeans
Natural light portrait of male model wearing denim
Studio photography fashion portrait of Slovakian male model Filip Kubica, wearing polka-dot shirt and jeans
Studio portrait of Chef and male model Noah Daniel Mirskin, shirtless, wearing blue GAP shorts and blue GAP baseball cap
Natural light photography fashion portrait of male model Derek Plumier, shirtless, wearing, black beret and black bandana tied around his neck
Studio photography fashion portrait of biracial male model, wearing orange swim briefs and a Japanese inspired silk shirt with tigers printed on it
Studio photography portrait photography of male model and skater Donovan Wildfong
Natural light photography portrait of black male model, wearing tank top and check dress trousers, sitting on concrete with legs spread
Studio photography portrait of shirtless male model wearing jeans
black and white portrait of black male photographer Bryan Rashaun wearing plastic frame glasses and black hoodie

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I'm a multi-disciplined Portrait and Fashion Photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. While I have many creative outlets, photography is the one I remain obsessed with.


Using the knowledge that I have gathered along the way, an arsenal of skills such as image retouching, wardrobe styling, and layout and design have been honed and developed.

My goal is to help brands realize their vision through photography and Design.

Feel free to contact me

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon!

Meet, Bryan Rashaun
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